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Site assistance from the webmaster:

Email problems?

If, when you click on an email link, you get a message saying it's not possible, it may be that your browser's email option is not enabled (check the browser help file for advice) or that you're on a network that doesn't allow email from the browser window. In any event, you can always use your regular email program to send email to this address: em@edwardmacneal.com

Printing or Finding problems?
Because this site uses frames, Netscape users should click on the "Netscape printable page" link in order to print the text. Links do not work on the "printable pages." Explorer users can click anywhere in the text area they wish to print. To Find with either browser, click in the text area and choose "Find."

Viewing problems?

Before anything else, try maximizing the screen. In Windows, just click on the little middle box on the upper right of the browser window. With a Macintosh, click on the left little box in the upper right of the browser window. You might have to drag the window to make it as large as you want.

This web site has been designed to be viewed on computer monitors with a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or greater. Over 83% of computers are working at this resolution. If yours is not set at this resolution, there are, in most cases, simple procedures to change the screen resolution. A few computers are just too old, or monitors too small, for anything larger than 640 x 480 pixels. For you, our apologies.

For more information, suggestions or complaints, please email the webmaster.

Windows machines:

One of several ways to change screen resolution on a Windows machine begins with Start. Go to Settings then Control Panels then Display. Now you will have a Display properties window where the you want to click on Settings. The slider for Desktop area will let you change to 800 x 600 pixels (or larger). You should also have High color - 16 bits chosen as well.


Again there are several ways to change the screen resolution. One easy method is to use the Control Strip usually found along the bottom of the screen. There is an icon of a checkerboard monitor where you will find several choices. Another option is to open the Apple menu in the upper left corner and go to Control panels, then Monitors & Sound. While you are there, make sure you are using "thousands" or "millions" of colors.

Browser suggestions:

Any Netscape Navigator version 4.x or later or Microsoft Explorer 4.x or later is highly recommended. The most recent versions of Explorer (version 5.x and higher) are excellent choices.

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